The Farm at Blue Sky Ranch has been providing all natural ultra fresh produce, "grown with intention" for our friends, neighbors and local San Diego restaurants for over 20 years now. We believe that "how you do anything is how you do everything", which simply refers to our character and how we handle all things in life no matter how big or small.

         Blue Sky Ranch is special and unique in many ways. We have a lot of fun, but we also take our responsibility as growers of your food very seriously. We offer tours of the farm every 3rd Saturday of the month. If you sign up with the CSA, we strongly encourage you to attend one of the tours. We find that it adds a lot of value to the overall experience. We keep it real simple here. We grow a wide variety of high energy, super nutritious food. We get all the food into boxes by Saturday morning with the help of some amazing volunteers. Every Friday night, we post recipes that are specifically for what is in the box that week. Boxes are put in the big fridge at the farm in Lakeside and are available for pick up by 9:30 Am. The rest of the boxes are taken to Alder Avenue in Kensington and Chase Avenue in Rancho San Diego. Those boxes are ready for pick up by noon.

          Our customers love the convenience of our self serve pick up locations. Some members leave a check in the payment box on site. Many make their payments online, Both are available. There is no commitment to join the CSA. We certainly welcome volunteers, but it is not at all expected. We do have occasional volunteer work parties for members who want to get their hands dirty and to connect to their farm.

We use a web-based software program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and our farm.  Farm At Blue Sky Ranch CSA members have online access  to their own accounts from which members can view/edit their contact information, current subscription options, put their box on a vacation hold, view their current account balance and history, and view directions and instructions for their pick-up location.  We accept payment via paper check, e-check or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, and Discover).  Payment creates an account balance from which we subtract boxes received weekly. Members can elect to sign-up for automatic payments at any time during their CSA membership by selecting the Automatic Payment Service on the payment page.